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KOLES is not merely restricted to providing solutions for structural designs and material for building multidimensional structural designs. It aspires to introduce a working system that uses less time but provides best quality material with eco-friendly services. KOLES is currently working to maintain a strong foothold worldwide by providing the high quality wood and timber material, that reflects reliability, trust and is long lasting.

It would not be wrong to say that our company stands tall to provide a lifelong experience that doesn’t crack or break.

About Company

Presentation And History Of The Company:

Company KOLES was founded 26.5.2017 by HS INZENIRING represented by Mr. Slavko Hrženjak and company VAKUUMTEH represented by Mr. Uros Rak. Company KOLES is a leading producer of glued laminated wood sourced mostly from Kočevje area.

The products and material produced by KOLES are used in the building of residential area, business buildings, market buildings, and industrial area. It is designed and produced to help with eco-friendly material and expand its market, for positive impact on climate with high-quality production of the material. There are many usage applications of our products a few notable mentions are segmentation of buildings, support systems in building such as sports complex, school buildings and bridges with complex and standardized architect design.

KOLES offers a guaranteed provision and production of the Slovenian wood, which is known worldwide for its stability and efficiency. It will also help the economy while preserving the environment.

KOLES Processing Factory Development – in 3 Steps.

  • Step 1 – Initializing the infrastructure of the Factory and Production
  • Step 2- Setting up a second production line with Wood saw& CNC line
  • Step 3 – Setting up factory offices fully furnished with demo areas for our representative products.

KOLES intends to purchase material from the local wood sawmills, but process, modify and dry it in the best drying machines available on the market. For the production line, glued wood is attained from Slovenian manufacturer company LEDINEK that is known worldwide due to its proficient quality in the production area. The whole production is automated because four persons monitor it. Who overlooks and oversee the operations, control production process and supervise the development of a ready to ship product.

Production capacity on a yearly basis is 18.000 m3 with two working shifts and up to 27.000 m3 once 3 working shifts are initiated.

Investment Details and Influence on Environment

Investment is budgeted around 6.128.000,00 EUR for the use of land, the infrastructure of company and production lines.

The land was sold to KOLES on a favorable price by Kočevje municipal to show support for the company’s initiative of Environment-friendly agenda.

KOLES intends to provide a guaranteed minimum of 25 new employment in the city of Kočevje area.

Company KOLES is located in an industrial area of the city of Kočevje with a 44.600 m2 of land. KOLES is going to utilize railway to speed up the logistics process and lower the cost of transportation. The working and vision of KOLES reflect environment-friendly ideology and create opportunities for people to benefit and grow along with the company.

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We are inspired by nature to provide the best, high-quality experience to create a stable, high dimensional and safe structure for the building. Architecture is considered to be an art, which must be reflected in its aesthetics through the material used in the construction of any building or structure. We ensure that that material and the fundamentals are strong and built with a high sense of value.


Novomeška cesta 13
1330 Kočevje





Head Office: +38641430973

Sales: +38641430971

Bank Detail

VAT: SI 99988747
Registration number: 7296436000
Managing Director: Slavko Hrženjak, Uroš Rak
Bank account name: NOVA KBM d.d.
IBAN: SI56 0451 5000 3499 492

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